The Puentes Interculturales Foundation believes in a world in which each person can have the opportunity to unfold their full potential for growth and fundamental development.

From the Cultural Axis the foundation plans and guarantees activities of cultural, artistic, musical, philosophical, gastronomic, literary promotion, among others. It supports new talents and seeks their projection worldwide, as is the case of Isidro Landaeta and Nelson Echandia.

Isidro Landaeta is a Venezuelan cuatro player, soloist/accompanist, with 13 years of musical experience where he has shared and recorded with different artists such as maestro Luis Herrera, Cristhian Vasquez, Gustavo Dudamel, Pacho Flores, Neguito Borjas, Teo Galindez, Cheo Hurtado, Manuel Rangel, Reynaldo Armas, Reis Belico, Betsaida Machado, Compasses, La Philarmonic de los Angeles, Orchestra System of Venezuela, Huascar Barradas, el Zancudo Peña, Leonardo Lozano, Pablo Camacaro, Hector Molina, Edward Ramirez, Nella Rojas among others.

He has won national and international festivals where the most outstanding ones are La Siembra del Cuatro 2019 as Best Cuatrista and El Torneo Internacional del Joropo 2021 as Best Unpublished Work for the Cuatro Soloist. He is currently a founding member of the alma llanera program in Venezuela, Henry Rubio Professional Orchestra, Suena4, Isidro&Nelson and his solo project.

Nelson Echandia is a solo bassist/accompanist with 25 years of musical experience where he has shared and recorded with artists such as Aquiles Baez, Gerry Weill, C4trio, Simon Bolivar Big Band, Cristhian Vasquez, Compasses, Cheo Hurtado, Manuel Rangel, Chipi Chacón, Erick Chacón, Emilio Lovera, Larry Bellorin, Joe Troop, Anxo Lorenzo, Luis Fernando Borjas, Victor Muñoz, Corina Smith, Juan Miguel, Sixto Rein, Marcial Isturiz, Betsaida Machado, Karina, hana Kobayashi, Alejandro Zavala, among others.

He has won National and International Festivals where the ones that stand out the most are Silbón de Oro Best Solo Bassist (2009 and 2011) San Martin de Los Llanos Best Bassist (2009, 2010, 2012 and 2014) Torneo Internacional del Joropo Best Bassist (2014) Torneo Internacional del Retorno Best Bassist (2012) Santa Bárbara de Arauca (2012) Festival Internacional del Jazz Barquisimeto (2011) Achill Harp Festival (2018) Noia Harp Festival (2019) Music Generatión Loise (2018) Gasteig de Munich (2019) Feria de la Chinita in Spain (2019) kaffeehaus mila (2019) was nominated for the Latin Grammy 2020 as best instrumental album with Agrupación Compasses. He has participated with the musicalization of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Series. He is currently an Electric Bass Teacher at Audioplace Academy, Member of Compasses and Suena4.

Their talent has led them to continue studying and training to perform a masterful work not only in their homeland but also internationally. In May and June Isidro Landaeta and Nelson Echandia together with the support of the Puentes Interculturales Foundation made an international tour in countries such as Austria, Turkey, Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Luxembourg. Where they performed different activities such as: Masterclass, concerts, workshops and recordings with different artists from around the world, having the opportunity to artistically exalt and make known their roots.

Isidro Landaeta and Nelson Echandia accompanied the Foundation to the activities in the communities for the celebration of Children’s Day where they not only showed their undoubted talent but also encouraged the children’s curiosity for music and instruments, inviting them to understand that music reaches any place and any corner and that dreams come true with perseverance, study and dedication.