The Puentes Interculturales Foundation, in Venezuela, received the visit of the international chef Mehmet Uzunöz, within the framework of Turkey’s gastronomic week, where through different activities he displayed his culinary proposal in which Turkish culture and heritage were represented and exalted.

Activities range from meetings in communities, cooking schools such as the Instituto Superior Mariano Moreno and social events at the Eurobuilding Hotel and the Menta y Romero restaurant.

The goal was to make known and share the fabulous gastronomic and cultural display that is lived in Turkey but developed under a social vision loaded with a message of solidarity from the vision that food is a worthy representation of cultural traditions and gateway to the knowledge of a country.

Each event was supported by the Embassy of Türkiye and its diplomatic corps where different business groups, embassies, diplomatic corps, representatives of the country’s governing bodies, other social organizations, more than 20 allies, more than 30 volunteers and cooking students from the Instituto Superior Mariano Moreno gastronomy school were present.

The businessman Galip Ilter, as founder of Puentes Interculturales Foundation, highlighted his gratitude to all the allies and collaborators for these meetings that will generate a great social impact both in Türkiye and Venezuela, they seek to promote with this initiative an opportunity to contribute to the programs and social aid that this foundation develops. From its action axes, the foundation promotes projects and activities always thinking globally but acting locally with community actions that generate positive impacts over time.

Special thanks to: Embassy of Turkey, Eurobuilding Hotel, Menta y Romero Restaurant, ISMM School of Gastronomy, Huellas de Bondad Foundation, OrbeEx Foundation.