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Music, traditions, architecture, museums, art centres and much more from Venezuela and Turkey.

Puentes Interculturales Foundation highlights the talent of venezuelan musicians

August 17th, 2023|TRVE|

The Puentes Interculturales Foundation believes in a world in which each person can have the opportunity to

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Semana Gastronómica: Intercambio Cultural entre Venezuela y Türkiye

August 17th, 2023|Sin categorizar|

La Fundación Puentes Interculturales, en Venezuela, recibió la visita del chef internacional Mehmet Uzunöz, en el marco

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Building bridges between nations 🌍




Promote initiatives from our lines of action that allow people at all life stages, to find opportunities for growth, especially those who are socially, economically, educationally and/or culturally vulnerable.


To become a reference due to the impact generated by our actions around the creation of opportunities, fostering of multiculturalism and synergy, always seeking that individuals can develop their capabilities.


We are driven by a feeling of solidarity towards those who need it most. We do everything in our power to provide opportunities that allow people to improve their quality of life and integral growth. We foster a spirit of collaboration among all our partners based on honesty, transparency, commitment, solidarity and synergy.


1. Partnerships

We believe in teamwork and collaboration with other individuals, instances, and organizations in order toenhance synergies and improve work performance. With transparency as our motto, we join others to strengthen our lines of action.

Shared vision – Joint planning – Coordination

2. Implementation

We carry out our actions based on community intervention, socio-educational action, inclusion and multiculturalism. Each of our lines of actions responds to the needs of global societies and we operate hand in hand with our partners in order to implement sustainable actions.

Strategy – Teamwork – Efficiency

3. Follow-up

Thanks to the joint efforts of many individuals and organizations we are able to continuously monitor the implemented lines of action so as to ensure that they are truly effective over time.

Sustainability – Durability – Impact

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‘We believe in the growth of opportunities’




These lines of actions allow us to provide attention to the different problem situations that people face at all life stages. They allow us to become a transformation engine that provides tangible changes. Within each line of action we work towards the creation of opportunities for our beneficiaries.


Culture as a means to connect to the world.

This line of action allows us to plan cultural, artistic, musical, philosophical, gastronomic and literary activities.
The cultural vision of Intercultures Bridges aims to break the hegemonic perception of cultures and reinforce local identity, its elements and sakeholders.

Social and humanitarian development

In this line of action we deal with all kinds of situations that do not allow a person to develop.

Grouping strategic alliances activities, Intercultural Bridges, from its social and humanitarian lines of actions, plans to generate support activities for the difficulties of society, promoting social inclusion and the reduction of inequality, pursuing the objective of creating more favourable conditions for economic and social development from an equitable perspective.

Integral training axis

The formative vision of Intercultural Bridges is based on the development of inclusive dynamics in the processes of socialisation, learning and coexistence.

We develop training activities for our beneficiaries that address topics such as: human rights, sustainable community development, sport, inclusion, cultural diversity and many more. We work to improve and update teacher training and education inside and outside the classroom in formal and informal educational contexts. Thanks to partnerships we can provide opportunities for educational growth through scholarships that impact on the professional development of the beneficiaries.

Sustainability line of action

With a view to meeting the needs of different generations.

The Intercultural Bridges Foundation guarantees with this axis a balance for the growth of social welfare and all the factors that this involves, through actions that generate alliances that strengthen the cohesion and stability of specific social groups. With this line of action we can develop strategies that benefit people: fundraising, concerts, events, affiliations, among others.

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